Colin Sanderson - Development Manager

As a Development Manager, Colin’s primary responsibility is to drive the development schedule and ensure compliance with budgets, contracts and project scope while keeping the clients’ interests at the forefront in order to successfully complete the project.

Colin has over twenty years’ experience in providing guidance in economic, social and educational development to First Nation communities and Aboriginal agencies across the province and country. Colin brings a keen understanding, in-depth, grass roots knowledge of housing challenges and extensive experience communicating and negotiating with project stakeholders.

Colin is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a BA in Political Science and the Institute of Indigenous Government with an Associate of Arts Degree, Indigenous Leadership. He is currently studying at Vancouver Community College towards a Provincial Instructors Diploma and Business Leadership & Management Certificate.

1848 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4A5

C:  (604)639-0731

Office:  (604)639-8199